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All the courses, ebooks and classes that you will see below are included in the Bundle. If you bought all the content separately, it would cost over $3,000! Now, just for one week you can have it all for only $70.00!

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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Luxe

Healthful Steps

Regular price: $197

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Raw Chef Yin

Best of the Best 10 raw vegan recipes

Regular price: $50

Tori Sellon

Bon Vivant Cooking School

Regular price: $60

Nati Valderrama

Get In My Belly

Regular price: $3

Chef Cynthia Louise

Gluten free at home online cooking class

Regular price: $27

Abby DeGraff

Minimalism Meals

Regular price: $30

Purely Healthy Living

Nourishing Simple Meals

Regular price: $20

Shahna Sarpi

Nourishing Smoothies

Regular price: $20

Iris Zajac

5 raw plant-based Mini Cakes

Regular price: $35.20

Nati Valderrama

101 Simple Healthy Recipes

Regular price: $7

Lisa Coop

Simply Tasteful E-Cookbook

Regular price: $12.97

Crystal Bonnet

Sweets, Chocolate and treats

Regular price: $14,95

Raw Mama Nature

Sweet Life

Regular price: $36.40

Aura Mexican Cooking

Virtual Cooking Class

Regular price: $29

Healthy Luxe

1 Year Healthy Luxe App Subscription

Regular price: $49.99

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Injury Fit Pro

Core Zero to Core Hero

Regular price: $14

Abby DeGraff

Body Blueprint 8 Week Workout Guide

Regular price: $75

Sarah Lotter

Dynamite Back Rehab

Regular price: $20

Sarah Lotter

Dynamite Glute Rehab

Regular price: $20

Plant Chics

Low Impact Interval Training

Regular price: $249

Ashleigh Frost

The 8 Week Shape & Shred Challenge

Regular price: $127

Eleanor Hadley

The Art of Sensual Movement

Regular price: $192.80

Align with Sam

The Yoga Guide

Regular price: $24.99

Madalin Giorgetta

Work it with MG Gym eBook

Regular price: $59

Madalin Giorgetta

Work it with MG Home eBook

Regular price: $59

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Emotional Wellness

Original Worth

Emotional Regulation 101

Regular price: $75

My Love Thinks

How to have a healthy and thriving marriage after kids

Regular price: $27


Protect your mental health in the digital world

Regular price: $10

The Self-Love Knowing

Self-Care isn't Selfish

Regular price: $148

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Lyly Berrut

Building Emotional resilience

Regular price: $428

Gabbi Sorensen

Discover intuition and freedom

Regular price: $50

The Love Assembly

Next Level You Journal

Regular price: $33

Nourished Energy

The Energetics of Abundance

Regular price: $122

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Sealed with love

Chakra Glow

Regular price: $77

Brittney Carmichael

Oracle 101

Regular price: $111

Blissful Careers

Reiki Energy Healing Course

Regular price: $49

Your Cosmic Self

Your moon and your emotional needs

Regular price: $36.40

Blank 200 x 200-5

Self Care

Sophie Prana

15 Day Skin Reset Program

Regular price: $20.70

Amrit Singh

Gua Sha Online Course

Regular price: $50

Injury Fit Pro

Back Pain Decoded

Regular price: $14

Chelsea Fuss

Flower Arranging 101

Regular price: $125

Woman Having Abdominal Pain Flat Illustration. Girl with Angry Face Expression Suffering from Stomachache. Unhappy Female Cartoon Vector Character Holding Belly, Stomach Cramps, Ach


Gemma Clegg

Menstrual Cycle SOS

Regular price: $140

Lauren Curtain

The Womb Journal

Regular price: $22.50